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about us

Bourbon & Bloom is a wedding planning and design firm, known for our unique, bespoke designs. Founded in 2015, we have become one of Ottawa's fastest growing event companies, with couples joining us from right here in Ottawa, all over Canada, and as far reaching as Australia! 

Before founding Bourbon & Bloom, Cait spent more than five years coordinating large-scale, corporate events. However, the corporate game became lacklustre for Cait, who desired more creative freedom in the aesthetic side of events. In 2016, she left her corporate job to give her company and her couples her full focus, and she never looked back. 

The essence of Bourbon & Bloom can be summarized into four simple words: wild; bold; timeless; and classic. While these may seem like contrasting notions, we specialize in fusing seemingly incompatible styles with seamless ease, resulting in completely unique designs.

our philosophy

The Bourbon & Bloom philosophy is quite simple: we want to tell your story. Trends are exciting, and Pinterest is a fun tool, but neither are unique and both will fix your wedding in a specific period of time. The story of you, however, is rare and timeless.


We do things differently at Bourbon & Bloom by getting to know you first - what activities you love, how you spend time together, what meaningful experiences you share, etc. We take all of those amazing little details that make up your personalities and your unique relationship, and we find ways to infuse those values into your design, using every single sensory point as an opportunity to tell more of your story.

our couples

The Bourbon & Bloom couple tends to be a little bit unconventional and wild-hearted. You care more about details that hold special meaning, rather than filling your wedding with all of the latest trends. You value the design and aesthetic of your day, and want to invest in those details to help tell your story. And, most importantly, you love a good whiskey.

Okay, okay. That last one is a non-requisite, but hey, it doesn't hurt!