Designed AF is a unique, interactive workshop for​ Ontario wedding industry pros, makers and service providers, teaching you how to build your business through strategic design and intentional curation.

We spend a full day together understanding how strategic design can guide your business to not only bring in more clients, but bringing in those ideal clients that you want to work with.


We start by identifying your personal and business aesthetic, and discuss how to communicate that aesthetic clearly on your website and in your social media. From there we work to identify the profile of your ideal clients and how to optimize your aesthetic and copy to reach those people.

Once you have a concise concept of your business and your clients, we talk about how to build a visually cohesive gallery through everyone's favourite off-season pastime: styled shoots! You'll learn how to design and plan a styled shoot, how to reach out to your ideal collaborators (including access to my personal outreach email template), and tips for shooting with publications in mind.

To close out the day, we execute a miniature styled shoot, where you learn how to build a tablescape and style key elements like stationery and flowers.

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