Wedding Styling

You have worked so hard to be a thrifty couple, purchasing items from past brides, DIY-ing your seating chart and escort cards, renting linens from a small, local shop, and buying items from craft stores to put together beautiful centerpieces. 

The only trouble is that you are going to be pretty busy on your wedding day and most venues don't let you install and remove your items on different days.

Rather than putting your friends to work setting everything up on your special day and risking all of that hard work going to waste with a rushed job (let's be honest, your friends may want to get out of there quickly to get ready or enjoy a pre-wedding cocktail). Why not let a professional wedding planner handle it?

I will look over your inspiration pictures and guidelines to ensure that every last detail is installed perfectly and exactly as you envisioned. I will arrive up to two hours in advance of your ceremony to install any decorative elements and then head over to your reception room/venue to install everything from your linens and centerpieces to your seating chart and escort cards.


I will also return to your venue at the end of the evening to remove your items so that nothing gets lost or left behind. I will ensure that gifts and card boxes go home with your assigned family member, and can store the remainder of your items at the Bourbon & Bloom office for up to one week following your wedding, to be picked up at your convenience.

To top it all off, I will donate any unwanted remaining flowers from your wedding to a local retirement home in Ottawa, at no extra cost, so that their beauty and joy can be shared in the community.