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What To Do Once You Get Engaged

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The most popular time to get engaged is between November and February, totaling roughly 40% of annual proposals. Christmas Eve is the most popular day to propose, with New Year’s Eve, Christmas Day and Valentine’s Day taking the other favourites. That means that many of you lovely ladies out there have just recently, or are very soon to be engaged. With just a little over a month left of, what we in the industry call, Engagement Season, I thought it would be a great time to hook you up with all the tips and tricks for what to do after you say ‘yes’!

So your love just got down on one knee and asked you those precious words. After the giddy “Yes!”, the hugging and the crying you’re going to want to let the whole world know. Take a beat to enjoy this moment with your husband- or bride-to-be because in a few moments things are going to get crazy! Call your families and then your friends! Be prepared for a lot of questions; everyone is going to want to know how he proposed and what the ring looked like. Be ready to field tactless questions too like ‘when is the wedding’ or ‘am I going to be one of your bridesmaids’. If you aren’t ready to discuss those items keep your answer simple with a response like ‘we haven’t had a chance to think about those details yet, but we’ll keep you posted’. Be careful not to jump to quick answers like ‘of course you’ll be in my wedding party’ when you haven’t had time to think through the details yet. You may want to have a large bridal party while your groom wants a small one, which may mean trimming your list. Go get a manicure! Everyone is going to want to see that ring on your hand so make sure your nails are clean and tidy. The last thing you want is a beautiful rock clashed against chipped nail polish. Get your ring insured! If your fiancé had the ring appraised when he bought it then just contact your insurance company to add the ring as a rider on your existing homeowners or rental insurance. If it is a family heirloom or purchased through a non-traditional method then it probably hasn’t been appraised, so take it to a reputable jeweler first and add it on to your insurance soon after. Seriously. You are going to skim over this one because you’re wrapped up in the excitement of being engaged and planning a wedding but this is a super important step so go do it! Be ready for unsolicited advice! The second people hear that you are engaged they will start giving you advice on everything from when and where you should get married, to if and when you should have kids, and even warnings not to get married at all. Most of the time people are well meaning so just take this in stride. If you like the advice then make a mental note, if not just politely smile and thank them for thinking of you. Figure out your finances! If you are paying for the wedding on your own you’ll need to have a conversation with your fiancé about a budget range and get started on saving. If family will be paying you’ll need to sit down with them to find out how much they are willing to contribute and lay some ground rules. It is important to remember that no matter who is paying, it is still your wedding and the two of you should have the overall say of what that day will be. Ease into planning! Narrow down your wedding date (or at least month and year) and get a rough idea of how many guests you plan to invite. Once you have these details you can get started working with a wedding planner or contacting venues to book your space. Whether you’re going rogue or hiring a coordinator, these elements should be started at least 12 months before your wedding date. If you think you may want to make your own wine for the reception, keep in mind the making and bottling process only takes a couple of months but if you want your wine to actually taste good too then you need to account for several more months for proper aging. The rest of your details can slowly be picked away at over the next 12+ months and your wedding coordinator will help you make a list and schedule so you aren’t stuck pulling your hair out a month before your wedding day. Get brainstorming If you don’t have Pinterest go sign up for it right now. Whether you want a lavish wedding or a rustic one, a modern wedding or a DIY one, Pinterest is your new best friend. Check out this list of the top 55 Pinterest accounts to follow for planning your wedding. Sign up for a couple wedding magazines too and start putting together a vision board of how you want your wedding to look.

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