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Holiday Party Hosting Made Easy

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa la la la la la la la la la! Seriously though, have you decked your halls yet? We are getting alarmingly close to all of the festive events that is December, and holiday parties are in full swing! If you’re like me, December crept up way too fast and your home is probably not hosting-ready. Don’t worry friends, I’ve got you covered with some great tips and tricks to get you and your house holiday ready. Step 1. Deck those halls, baby! The great thing about hosting a holiday party is that you need lots of space for your guests and your food, so you don’t need to go crazy with the décor. In fact, when it comes to a holiday party less is definitely more.

Here are some pro tips for decorating your home: • Pick a theme so that you have a nice consistent flow throughout your entire home rather than sporadic décor that will end up feeling cluttered and overwhelming. • Get a few big, statement pieces and then use little accents to pull everything together. • Don’t clutter everything into one room – your guests will be in the living room chatting, in the kitchen refreshing their drink, using washrooms and maybe sneaking off upstairs to find some mistletoe, so make sure to spread the décor out throughout the whole house. • Switch out existing wall art for holiday inspired items like a wreath or festive print. • Get a coat rack – the last thing you want is for your guests picking through a pile of coats that ended up on the floor in puddles with all the winter shoes. Step 2. Feed me Most people will treat your party as their dinner, regardless of what time it’s at, so be prepared to put on a good spread. This can be extremely time consuming and exhausting so keep it simple with something like a huge charcuterie spread and an awesome dessert table. Charcuterie always looks classy, the items are easy to find anywhere and it’s filling!

Here are some pro tips for putting together your spread: • Keep it simple but make sure it’s filling. • Avoid things that need to be served hot – you will spend your entire night in the kitchen reheating things. • Pick desserts that freeze well so that you can make them ahead. • Pick a signature drink that you can make en masse and have it ready in glasses for guests to grab as they arrive. • Keep the bar stocked with the staple ingredients for classic bar rails (gin and tonic, rum and coke, vodka cranberries or oj) Step 3. Tell me I’m pretty With everything on your mind during those final preparations on the day of it is easy to lose track of time. Make sure that you have left yourself enough time to shower and get yourself dolled up. After all that hard work it would suck to have to skip the hair washing or rush through a make-up application.

Here are some pro tips for keeping yourself put together: • Drink lots of water throughout the day to help you stay alert, hydrated, fresh and avoid muscle cramping/fatigue from running around all day • Keep snacks on hand like cut veggies or nuts. Chances are you aren’t going to sit down for a meal while you’re getting everything ready so make sure • Pick out your outfit the night before and make sure that it is clean and wrinkle free so that you aren’t stuck frantically pulling clothes out of your closet to find a quick alternative • Set an alarm to remind you when you need to stop what you’re doing and hop in the shower • Have dry shampoo on hand in case you have to skip the hair washing part of the shower Now you are all set to host an amazing holiday party! If you need more inspiration, have a look through the gallery below. This holiday party was hosted by Take Another Bite, in the owner, Bianca’s, home. She brought Bourbon & Bloom in to design, source and set-up the décor and signature drink station for her annual holiday party. Bianca created a huge charcuterie table with a wide assortment of cheeses, meats, breads and garnishes, but it was her dessert table that stole the show! With all of the natural light and tall, white walls in Bianca’s home, I decided to go with a Canadiana theme. Organic elements are becoming a very big trend in weddings and events, and we are seeing lots of bringing outdoor elements indoors. The best part about the Canadian Christmas theme is that none of it is over the top Christmas, so if you want to keep your space decorated for the rest of winter, you won’t be sick of it come January 1st! Working with Mill Street Florist, we brought in lots of natural greenery and created a stunning statement piece to hang from the chandelier. From there I added in nature inspired elements such as birch, deer and elk prints. Playing up the white walls allowed us to work with neutral tones with splashes of green and red for subtle pops of colour.

Special thanks to Amy of Amy Godin Photography for being my assistant for the day, as well as capturing these stunning photos of the set-up and finished product!

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