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11 Important Details You Need To Know About Wedding Shows

Photos by BH Photography from Tie The Knot - Urban Wedding Show

Wedding show season is about to hit Ottawa and surrounding areas with full force so I want to take an opportunity to remind you of a few important facts about wedding shows. Make sure to read all the way to the end to find out how you can be entered to win a pair of tickets to Tie The Knot's upcoming wedding show on February 18th 2017. 1. Wedding shows are designed to give you inspiration and create an open forum where you can interact with prospective vendors to see if they are the right fit for you. 2. Wedding shows are NOT designed to make you feel bad about yourself or the wedding you are dreaming of. If a vendor happens to make you feel this way, please let the wedding show organizer know as they likely will not want to invite that vendor back in the future. 3. No one gets to make the rules for your wedding except for you - that includes your parents, friends or wedding vendors. Now more than ever, there really are no rules when it comes to weddings, so embrace your awesome, unique interests and find vendors that match your vision. 4. There will be lots of mini cupcake samples. In fact, lots of tasty sweets in general. Not so much on the regular food, though, so unless you want to be coasting on a sugar high it's probably a good idea to have a light lunch beforehand. 5. There may be free champagne, or at least a bar to purchase a tasty beverage from, so you really should have a little something to eat beforehand and carry a bit of cash in case you do want to indulge. 6. Parking probably won't be included in your ticket price so make sure to factor that into your budget or plan ahead to find free parking nearby. Speaking of parking, with Canada's 150 coming up there is A LOT of construction going on, which means that some venues' regular parking entrances won't be accessible. If you don't want to be stuck circling the venue forever trying to figure out where to get in then make sure to check out the venue's website in advance. 7. It's nice to look ballin' in your high heels, but there is a lot of walking around and there is often little to no seating. Just something to keep in mind when planning your outfit. 8. Another thing to keep in mind when planning your outfit - some wedding shows have pop up dress shops included, so make sure you're wearing the right undergarments for trying dresses on! 9. You are going to get way more business cards, pamphlets and folders than you can keep track of. Bring a notepad to make special note of vendors you really loved so that it's easier for you to touch base with them after. 10. Make sure to snap pics of the details that you love, and the vendor that created it so that you don't forget the inspiration and can connect with the vendor to create something similar for your wedding. 11. Your fiancé may not be excited about that vendor's beautiful tablescape or the other vendor's unique floral arrangement. If that's the case, maybe give them the day off and bring a close friend who can share your excitement for the inspiration you'll come across.

So now that you know the skinny on wedding shows, you probably want to show off your knowledge right? To help you out, I've partnered up with Tie The Knot - Urban Wedding Show to give away two pairs of tickets for their upcoming wedding show on February 18th.

Here's how to enter: 1. Go like or follow Bourbon & Bloom, Tie The Knot - Urban Wedding Show on facebook and/or Instagram 2. Go find the Bourbon & Bloom post about this blog on Facebook and/or Instagram and like it 3. Comment on the post on Facebook and/or Instagram with your wedding date.

That's it! Two lucky readers (one from Facebook and one from Instagram) will be selected at random to each win a pair of tickets. Winners will be announced on January 21st, 2017. Good luck!

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