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Winter Wedding Makeup Tricks & Trends

Soft falling snow, warm white lights and silver-sparkly back drops. Winter definitely creates a gorgeous aesthetic for any wedding, but the freezing temperatures and whipping winds are sure to leave their mark. The winter weather is notorious for drying your skin out, creating flaky or even red patches and the infinite white backdrop can also leave you looking a bit washed out.

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This month, I sat down separately with two talented make-up artists, Liana LaCroix and Melanie Dallaire, to get the scoop on some of their best tips and tricks for beautiful winter ready skin and makeup. While I barreled questions at them in The SEO Squirrel’s photography studio, the two makeup artists put their talents to the test, each applying one of their favourite current winter wedding makeup trends on yours truly.

Let’s get started!

Like many, I suffer from dry, flaky skin in the winter months. What kind of skincare regimen should I follow to get rid of that pesky dryness?

Liana: Cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize as you normally would, making any adjustments in your products as needed. Some people need a lighter moisturizer in the warmer months, and need a heavier moisturizer in the colder months. In the winter I love using Emergen-C Organics moisturizer at night. It gives me that extra boost of hydration I need!

Melanie: For the harsh winter weather, it is best to switch to a soap free cleanser. Treat your skin like it is sensitive even if it is not. Using a mild exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and dry skin one per week is important as it will allow the serums and moisturizers to penetrate actually penetrate the skin and allow the hydration to occur. It is best to use a product that contains Humectants, Emollients and Occlusives. A few wonderful products to use in this case would be Dr. Roebuck’s Pure or Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream.

I also find that my lips are extra dry in the winter, sometimes causing cracks through my lipstick. What kind of lip care regimen should I follow to avoid dry, cracked lips? Liana: First off, keep drinking lots of water. We tend to drink warmer drinks in the winter, but we still need to keep hydrated! I love using a raw sugar, coconut oil scrub every couple days to buff off any dry skin on my lips!

Melanie: The best and most inexpensive way to avoid dry, cracked lips is with a regular routine of a homemade scrub of brown sugar and honey. Mix the two ingredients and use a small toothbrush in a circular motion to remove any dry, cracked skin then moisturize with coconut oil or Eucerine Aquaphor overnight and during the day as needed. What kind of lipsticks would you recommend to help avoid drying my lips? Liana: Look for ultra hydrating lipsticks and glosses. I’m a fan of Jane Iredale lipsticks. They are free from synthetic ingredients, cruelty free, and ultra hydrating!

Melanie: My personal faves are MAC Creamsheen and MAC Amplified Cream lipsticks as they have a very creamy texture with hydrating components. I usually use a compressed powder cover up, but find in the winter it really shows all the dryness flaws on my face. Should I be focusing on liquid formulas over powders? Liana: I believe that you should use what you love. If you do have a drier skin type, liquid foundations may give you that added boost of moisture. But if you prefer powder foundations, just be sure your skin is exfoliated, and well hydrated before use.

Melanie: It is definitely best to avoid powder at all cost since it will stick to any flakes and sit on top of any dry skin. Liquid or cream formulas which contain oil are better options for the winter months. If you do not need a lot of coverage, opt for a tinted moisturizer but do not replace it with your usual moisturizer, use it in addition to. What kind of colours do you find look best against that stark-white winter backdrop? Liana: Beautiful jewel tones are always look stunning in the winter.

Melanie: I love how a beautiful berry color (lip and cheek) pops against a white winter backdrop, giving the cheeks a natural flushed look, like you just came in from the outdoors. With harsh winds and wet snow, what can I do to ensure my makeup lasts throughout the whole day? Liana: Using a makeup setting spray will always help. I use Jane Iredale D20 Hydration spray. It will set your makeup perfectly, adding a touch of hydration to your skin. You can also use it as a little refresher spray throughout the day.

Melanie: My go to product for staying power in Canada’s harsh winter weather conditions is Skindinavia’s Finishing Spray. It creates a web on the face making the application waterproof and smudge proof. I have pretty fair skin so in the summer I love to use bronzer to give a bit of that sun-kissed glow. Is bronzer still okay to use in the winter? Liana: Of course bronzer is still okay to use in the winter. Keep in mind that you may need a lighter shade of bronzer than what you’d use in the summer!

Melanie: Absolutely! Bronzer is a staple product that anyone should have no matter the season. In the winter, it is beautiful to add warmth or a soft glow to pale, dull looking skin. So now that we’ve got the scoop on how to take care of our skin and adapt our makeup routines in the winter… I’m dying to know what kind of make-up trends are hot for this winter!

Liana: Silver and blue eyeshadow colours have been a huge trend this winter. From the runways, to everyday looks! Also, deep dark lip colour. People are rocking colours from deep burgundies, to dark grey, and even black. Love it!

Melanie: My favorite makeup trend is the glitter eyeshadow, bold liner and bright red glossy lip. For bridal I would coordinate this with a beautiful gold glittery eye to capture the light, a bold black liquid liner and last but not least a candy apple red lip with a generous amount of gloss to give it a wet, hydrated look.

There you have it, folks; all of the best tips and tricks for having beautiful, healthy skin throughout the winter. Make sure you are keeping well hydrated, exfoliating consistently and using moisturizing products, and you will be winter wedding-ready in no time!

Liana LaCroix, Liana LaCroix Beauty:

With 20 years in the beauty industry, Liana LaCroix has gained such a passion for her art, and her ability to create any look her clients desire. Originally from Victoria, BC, Liana now resides in Ottawa, Ontario specializing in bridal, and boudoir hair and makeup artistry. She is the founder of Liana LaCroix Beauty, and offers services throughout Eastern Ontario.

Liana uses only natural, synthetic dye, harsh chemical free, and cruelty fee makeup such as Jane Iredale, SST, and Tarte just to name a few.

Today, as Liana's business grows throughout Ottawa and area, you can find her working with other local entrepreneurs, doing wedding styled photo shoots, and boudoir shoots in her new in home boudoir studio. Her love for hair and makeup, and her charming and professional personality has made her an industry favorite in Ottawa.

Photo by Stacey Stewart Photography

Melanie Dallaire, Dazzling Faces Makeup Artistry:

Born in the small town of Kapuskasing, Ontario, Melanie Dallaire, Founder and Owner of Dazzling Faces Makeup Artistry specializes in Bridal, Fashion and Runway makeup. Located in Ottawa, Melanie has over 13 years of experience as a Makeup Artist and offers an exclusive mobile service. At a young age, Melanie discovered her passion for makeup and began to read books and test the skills and teachings from world-renown makeup artist to develop her skills then launched herself into the land of freelancing. After a few years of getting her feet wet and with a continued desire to learn and be challenged, Melanie began to research her professional career at MAC where she fined tuned her skills as a Makeup Artist and grew to be on an unstoppable path to conquer the world one face at a time.

Photo by Stephanie de Montigny of The SEO Squirrel

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