• Cait O'Malley

7 Tips to Help You Propose

So you’re ready to take the next step with the love of your life, and you’re freaking out a bit. There are so many ways to pop the question and you want to make sure it’s really special. Unless this proposal is coming way out of left field, it’s pretty safe to say that they have been impatiently awaiting this day and just the fact that you are (finally) asking is going to make it special.

Just in case, here are 7 tips to help you make sure that everything goes off without a hitch!

1. Get the ring There are lots of great options: a family heirloom; something you found in an antique shop; a custom-made ring or; a big brand name. Look at the type of jewellery your love already wears (flashy, sentimental, minimalist, etc.) to get hints on what kind of ring they might want. Maybe even ask a close friend, chances are the subject has come up at least once before and the friend may have some great insight. 2. Check with the folks It’s 2017 so your significant other doesn’t actually need anyone’s permission to get married, but it is still a common courtesy that will likely be very appreciated (if not expected) by them and their parents. 3. Make it meaningful Think about activities you love doing together or places that have special meaning for you. Go back to the restaurant from your first date, or the hiking trail where you first said I love you. 4. Be thoughtful Does your significant other shy away from the spotlight? You’ll be better off proposing in a quiet, private place together. If they love being the center of attention, go ahead and plan that flash mob. Just keep in mind that you need to feel comfortable as well so that you can get those important words out! 5. Get done up You’re both going to want pictures to mark the exciting occasion so make sure you’re both looking good. You may need to come up with a decoy to get done up without arousing suspicion. Try an excuse like dinner plans with friends at a fancy restaurant. 6. Take pictures With all the nerves and excitement, everything tends to fly by too fast to remember. Hire a photographer, or even a friend to hide somewhere out of sight and snap some photos. Trust me, you will not want to forget that moment and the looks on both of your faces will definitely be something you want to relive. 7. Plan it out Speaking of nerves, make sure to plan out what you want to say and how you want to reveal the ring. It’s not quite as romantic if your mind draws a blank, no words come out or the fumble the ring – though it does make for a fun story later! Take a deep breath; you’re ready!

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