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How To Pop Champagne Like A Pro

Have you ever had a #champagnepopfail ?⠀

There are a whole lot of champagne popping moments coming up in the next couple of weeks from Christmas and New Year's to Valentine's Day and maybe even an engagement or two!⠀

Most people have no clue how to properly open a bottle of Champagne, except for what they've seen in the movies, and will be doing it for the first time in front of a group of friends and family, ready to cheers.

To help you avoid embarrassment, we've got four simple steps for poppin' that Champagne like a pro! We also have five simple steps for poppin' it like a millionaire (but we don't recommend it!). ⠀

How to pop Champagne like a pro (aka if you want to avoid a potential disaster):⠀ 1. Chill Champagne (warm Champagne is more likely to explode or spray). 2. Keep your palm down on the cork while you remove the wire cage. 3. Place a towel over the cork and slowly wiggle/twist it loose.

4. Pour a small amount in each glass at first to avoid bubbles building up and spilling over.

5. Cheers!

How to pop Champagne like a millionaire (we don't actually recommend this - it's not safe, and we cannot be held liable for your foolishness!):⠀ 1. Give the bottle a bit of a shake to build up the pressure (this is a terrible idea). 2. Keep your palm over the cork while you remove the wire cage (and rethink your decision to be a baller). 3. Make sure to aim the bottle somewhere safe so it doesn't hit people or break things (or just don't do this, it's not going to go well). 4. With both thumbs, apply pressure to the cork, pressing out from the bottle (seriously, you're not a millionaire, just STAHP).

5. Get a mop because you now have the fun task of cleaning up the sticky champagne spray rather than drinking it. #millionairelife

Photography by Stacey Stewart Photography

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