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Modern Spring Wedding in Dusty Shades of Pink, Green & Blue

In the 2008 Sex And The City movie, the audience was teased along with little glimpses into the elegant Carrie Bradshaw wedding that, sadly, never was. First with the bridal shoot where Carrie puts on the gorgeous Vivienne Westwood gown that changed everything, later when she discovers that the beautiful library she’s returning books to also plays host to weddings, and, finally, on the big day when she adorns that iconic bird hairpiece. With details like those, it is certain that the wedding would have been an absolutely stunning creation, so it’s no surprise that our hearts broke a little for the wedding that never was. Carrie certainly gets her closure by the end of the movie with her sweet little City Hall wedding, but viewers weren’t quite as lucky with their own closure. 2018 marked the movie’s 10-year anniversary, and I found myself trying to imagine what details were inside that library and daydreaming about what her wedding might look like today. With a finger always on the pulse of the fashion industry, surely the modern Carrie Bradshaw wedding would boast some epic, ahead-of-the-trend details, while maintaining accents of her classic styles. After a decade of wondering, desperately trying to imagine what the original Carrie Bradshaw wedding looked like, finally there is closure! THE DESIGN Carrie usually has a soft and romantic style with a big, bold statement piece or accent colour, and wild, unruly curls. As a tribute to that classic style, the modern wedding features delicate, dusty shades of pink, green and blue, with a few splashes of deeper tones for that bold pop. The colours are carried throughout the entire wedding from the bridesmaid dresses and stationery to the linens and cake. The colour palette finishes off with vibrant greens incorporated into the floral arrangements and the organic greenery.


The modern wedding finds a perfect fusion of that iconic Carrie style, paired with the bold, luxury from the movie wedding and a classic modern twist. In reference to her unique, trendsetting style, the bridal attire features mix-matched separates, with a layered tulle skirt, a floral-patterned top and vibrant blue heels. The look is paired with an intricate feathered hair piece and a soft blue double veil creating. Her hair was kept in a simple, elegant updo, while her makeup was kept light and natural looking, with a slight emphasis on her eyes.

As in the elegant wedding, her ladies are all uniquely dressed in different styles and colours, sweetly complimenting each other, while subtly boasting their individual personalities. Their makeup was also kept relatively subdued, with gentle pops of colour on their lips. Each lady sported an elegant, modern hairstyle reminiscent of the original characters’ own styles. Meanwhile the groom-to-be’s look was kept relatively subdued, with his hair only slightly pushed away from the face and an ever-resplendent classic black tux.

THE STATIONERY Complimenting the romantic elements, the stationery suite is elegant and seemingly understated with soft watercolour brush strokes, ivory ribbon, an ornate wax seal and delicately hand-torn edges. The suite is paired with the famous love letter, Immortal Beloved, hand-penned in almost elusive, silver strokes.

THE JEWELLERY The diamond ring doesn’t actually make an appearance in the first movie, but Big’s reasoning behind the black gemstone, that Carrie is “not like anyone else” was unforgettable and so fitting that it certainly stands the test of time. His simple silver band is adorned with a single, off-centre black stripe pairing perfectly alongside Carrie’s ring. The ladies finish off their own looks with simple yet distinctive silver accents that are calculatedly individualistic while seamlessly complimenting each other.

THE DECOR Carrie’s style is so emphatic and full of character. As we see with the apartment makeover toward the end of the movie, each piece is very intentional, often mix-matched in different patterns, styles and colours, yet pairing together with a seemingly effortless ease. The décor for the modern wedding took that unique style and elevated each piece for a striking, cohesive vision. The subtle delicate features of the tableware are accentuated by the pale gray/blue linens and cascading pink napkins, emphasizing all of the intricate detailing on the stark white plates and slightly off-kilter flatware. Modern wine glasses are paired with antique, blue-tinged champagne flutes, while modern tapered candles are paired with vintage pewter vases. The cake in a light green/blue shade is elevated with sugar string pearls and a large, romantic flower, while the Manhattan cocktails add a vivid flare of colour against the ladies muted shades.

THE FLORALS Pulling inspiration from Carrie’s bold style and unruly hair, the florals are almost exclusively wild greenery. Playing on that untamed hair, the greenery is jungle-esque with pieces that hang above the table and creep wildly up its front, for an ambitiously bold statement piece. The bouquet is intricately crafted pairing the wild greens with delicate flowers fusing the two, contrasting styles in a unique balance that mirrors Carrie herself.

THE CAPTURES The venue created a perfect setting with floor to ceiling windows flooding the room with bright, natural light. With such soft, delicate details paired with contrasting statement pieces and bold pops of colour it was crucial to capture in a bright and airy style to really bring out the vivid colours as well as each and every small, yet intentional detail. In motion the emphasis was on the relationships; stolen glances of lust, wild laughter of long friendships and tender moments of deep, true love.

Design and planning: Bourbon & Bloom | Photography: Photography by Emma | Videography: Salt and Light Studio | BTS photography: Amy Godin Photography | Venue: Lago Bar and Grill | Florist: Mill Street Florist | Décor: Makin'It Lovely | Makeup: Katie for Klava Z Makeup Artists | Hair: Liana Lacroix Beauty | Bridal top: Pure Magnolia | Bridal skirt: Abigail of Gardenia | Bridal hairpiece and veil: Pualette Couture Millinery | Bridesmaids dresses: Arroh and Bow | Jewellery: Goldart Jewellery Studio | Stationery: LaFabère | Cake: Sugar House Cakes | Bride and groom models: Kris and Nate Dunlop | Bridesmaid models: Models International Management

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