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Seriously gorgeous wedding highlights from 2018 - Flowers

People often ask me what my favourite part of a wedding is. I usually have a few answers depending on the wedding and the couple, but one thing that is always at the top of my list is flowers.

I am OBSESSED with gorgeous, big-ass bouquets and I get sooo excited whenever I get to be the one to deliver them to my brides.


PC @ Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography

So I obviously could not do a 2018 highlight series without talking about some of the epic bouquets we had throughout the season. Ottawa has some majorly talented florists and we have been so lucky to work with so many of them and have them help bring our bride's visions and our designs to life. In no particular order, here are some of my favourites from 2018.

This gorgeous white and greenery bouquet is airy and romantic and whimsical all at once. And then there's that giant succulent just hanging out like NBD.

Flower Essence | PC @ Chelsea Mason Photography

2018 was definitely the year of the big-ass boho bouquets. You know the one I'm talking about, with the huge proteas and lovely wine colours that is definitely on every bride's pinterest board. Well, we had all kinds of boho-loving brides who wanted their very own version and they were killer.

With a bouquet like this I don't think proteas will be going anywhere anytime soon and I'm loving it.

Capital Florist | PC @ Martin McMahon Photography

When soft pastels meet romantic wild flower vibes and boho feels you get this stunning bouquet. Quite possibly my fave of the whole year!

Apropos Flowers | PC @ Love and Exposure Photography

2018 also saw the emergence of jewel tones and I am predicting these deep shades are going BIG in 2019. I mean, how could they not when they make such a stunning bouquet?

Wedecor Florals | PC @ Melissa Gauthier Photography

Up next... my favourite #BBdesigns

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