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4 Tips for Incorporating Mixed Metals in Your Wedding

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We are obsessed with incorporating mixed metals into our designs but it is definitely a tricky pairing to master. When done right, mixed metals create a gorgeous statement, add depth and dimensions, and can help promote better flow throughout design elements.

Rose gold dominated the wedding scene for quite a few years and then came the rose gold pairing with champagne when the neutral mixed bridesmaid dresses began to gain momentum. After that, though, people sort of shied away from metals, in favour of bolder colour stories and matte and velvet textured details. But metals are making an exciting comeback in an unexpected way. The mixed metal vibe, made popular by influencer home designers, has finally trickled into the wedding world. Couples are feeling more confident in stepping away from the classic soft palettes and are ready to get more creative and ambitious with their designs.

⁠If your digging the mixed metals look but are unsure how to work with this new trend, we've got you covered!

Here are our 4 biggest tips for incorporating mixed metals into your wedding:

1. Use a maximum of 2-3 different metals and and make sure to balance out the hues. There are warm, cool and neutral hues, so take note of your overall colour palette or the general feel you are trying to achieve and incorporate the metals accordingly. If you are going for a soft, romantic vibe then you will likely have predominately warm hues. Whereas if you are going for a bold, modern vibe then you might be leaning more towards cool hues.

2. Typically we recommend picking a dominant metal. Neutral hues pair great with any metals but if you're bringing in a warm and cool hue then pick one to be dominant and one to be an accent.⁠ However, if you're working with complimentary metals and a relatively neutral colour palette you could go for an even split of metals so long as the metals themselves are used sparingly.

3. Match the metals to your colour palette so that it has complimentary flow.⁠ Whether your goal is to have a dramatic statement piece brought in by the mixed metals or your using the pieces sparingly for a little extra depth and dimension, the overarching colour story needs to flow well together. When everything is put together your eye should travel seamlessly over the entire design without any awkward stops or shifts.

4. Like we mentioned above, you will typically want to use your metals sparingly. Space the metals out among your other design elements to help create the flow that we talked about in Tip 3. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. If you are going for a very dramatic look, or something very luxe, then metals might dominate your design. In this case it is very important to have a primary metal. Make sure to keep the details very consistent and cohesive and really limit the remainder of your colour palette to avoid competing details.

In our New Year's Eve Glam design, the intention of the mixed metals was to create a dramatic statement effect. We had a neutral, warm hued colour palette (mostly white with the a subtle vibrant green) and incorporated the warm, gold as our primary metal with accentuating details in the neutral black metal.

For this design, we paired the mixed gold and black metal flatware with neutral, low-contrast dinnerware. We've kept the dinnerware in the same colour palette, and we've intentionally placed the white menu over top of the solid black dinner and side plates so that the overall look was warmed and softened a bit and the flatware could be the primary focal point and stand out better.⁠

In addition to using the mixed metals in the linen, tableware, stationery, the balloon installation and even foiled on the wedding cake, we also incorporated the warm gold into the bride's style with a gold hairpiece, darkened gold eyeshadow, and even black nails with gold foil tips. The overall look was softened and neutralized by the prominently neutral surrounding details of the white dress, the all white bouquet with subtle green undertones, and the soft, natural looking makeup.

Design: Bourbon & Bloom | Photography: Photos By Emma | Videography: Greyloft Studio | Venue: National Arts Centre, O'Born Room | Florist: Capital Florist | Stationery: Wishtree Invitations & Design Inc. | Makeup: Klava Z Makeup Artistry | Hair: Top Knot Hairstyling | Hairpiece: Ornaigh | Dress: Sinders Bridal | Balloons: Pearls and Lily Events | Model: Models International Management | Cake: Cake Whisperer | Jewellery: Stor By Margot | Nails: Esthetically Yours

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