We do things a little - okay, a lot - differently than most designers. 

While our competitors are busy on Pinterest and reading magazines to find out what the latest trends are, we're sitting in a coffee shop with you finding out what your latest "trends" are. And by trends, we mean what you two have been up to in your spare time, where you're shopping for home decor and what kind of travel plans you've got. 

Because, to be perfectly honest, we don't care what the world is telling us are the coolest things to have at weddings this year. We care about telling your story. 

So, we're sitting in a coffee shop together sipping cappuccinos, laughing and having a nice casual chat, and this is where all the gold is. Sure, we're going to ask you what you're picturing for your wedding, what colours you're thinking about, and all those important details; but the casual chat is where all the great little tidbits about your relationship and personalities comes up. 

We have become masters at taking those little tidbits and finding ways to turn them into design elements that become beautiful little sensory storytellers. And those little storytellers; those are the things that make your guests walk into your wedding saying, "This is so them".

Bourbon & Bloom own Moroccan wedding des

Once we've gathered all of our design intel, we set to work creating custom design proposals specifically tailored to your details. We go as far as isolating hex code colours from your favourite bouquet just to custom blend the perfect colour palette for you. We take your wild travel adventure engagement story and turn it into a conceptual aesthetic. We spend hours researching to find the perfect inspiration and we obsess over the tiny details to create things you didn't even know could exist outside of your imagination. 

Moody boho new years eve wedding design

We design two to three initial aesthetic concepts for you and refine your selected proposal until it is absolutely perfect. We then create an in-depth design, breaking down and fully exploring each element that we are proposing to help bring this design to life for you. From the thickness of your stationery paper, to the exact types of flowers in your bouquet; every detail is thoughtfully curated to help tell your story.

This in-depth design is unique to Bourbon & Bloom and, when it comes to your aesthetic vendors, it is the best thing that sets us apart from other designers. This document takes all of the guess work out of their jobs because it gives them instant, unfiltered access into your imagination. Rather than countless emails and meetings that leave you feeling overwhelmed because you didn't know how to communicate your vision, you get to enjoy a single visionary meeting and then relax while the creative makers draft your masterpieces.

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Now comes the really fun part. It’s the day you've been dreaming of, probably since you were a little kid. The day you marry your best friend and let your closest friends and family in on a little piece of your beautiful story.

You're sipping bubbly, laughing with your bridal party and slipping into an iconic piece of fashion. Meanwhile, we're behind the scenes turning those glimmers of dreams into astounding reality. We’re overseeing the production of all of your aesthetic vendors, ensuring that each little detail is exactly as it should be.

We’re setting out all of your personal décor, straightening place cards and checking silverware. We are making exceptional magic so that when you walk into that room for the first time and see your story unfolding in a glamorous dance of sensory details, it will take your breath away and leave you feeling almost as amazing as when you said “I do.”

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Bourbon & Bloom moody boho new year's ev

One word.... LOVE. 

You nailed it girl!!!!! Honestly so so so fired up about this design. It's exactly what I had in mind. You're such a genius!

David and I could literally NOT BE ANY HAPPIER with Bourbon & Bloom.


Seriously. You completely knocked our socks off with everything.


You have the best work ethic and passion I’ve seen in a long time, if not, my entire 26 years of living!

- AMANDA V. | 12.31.19